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Fabric Fund

The Ditchley Foundation has as its mission the promotion of international understanding through the convening of conferences on major global issues. The frequent tributes we receive to the unique power of Ditchley in bringing people together from all around the world, and enabling a frank discussion with an impact on future policy-making, show that this mission continues to be fulfilled. The need for an independent institution like Ditchley, where calm reflection and open discussion are still possible, is arguably greater than ever in today’s tumultuous and dangerously polarised world.

The Foundation has a parallel and linked obligation to maintain and where possible improve the Grade 1 listed House at Ditchley, which is itself so important for the success of the conferences through the beautiful and inspiring, yet warm and intimate, setting it provides. Sadly, the income from the endowment so generously left to the Foundation by Sir David Wills is increasingly unable to meet these twin requirements. Other revenue-raising activities have not been able to fill this gap on a sustainable basis. We are therefore embarking on a long-term effort to raise more funds to make sure that Sir David’s vision for Ditchley is secure for the future.

As part of this we have set up a separate Fabric Fund through which contributions can be made to the upkeep and enhancement of the House, in particular to ensure that repairs and refurbishments to the historic parts of the House can be done expertly and sympathetically, wherever possible by local craftsmen, and with the advice of outside experts. This will help to relieve the pressure on the budget of the Foundation, and therefore the pressure on the endowment, as we work to increase both capital and income in the coming years.

Details of projects planned over the next three years are available on request, with approximate costs wherever possible.

Thank you in advance for your help in preserving and enhancing this wonderful House.

James Arroyo