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Europe and migration: how can the flows be managed?

Published: Wednesday, 16th March 2016

The Director’s Note following the recent conference “Europe and migration: how can the flows be managed?”, held at Ditchley Park last month is now published.

Over the last year, there can have been few issues more difficult for governments or emotive for the wider populace than the ongoing flow of migrants and refugees into Europe. Whilst some of those around the table argued that the numbers involved were manageable, there was nevertheless broad consensus that there was a widespread perception of the situation being out of control, and that the European response thus far had been lamentable from almost every point of view.
It was agreed that the immediate priority was to bring the flow under control, and for this to be seen to be happening, in order to restore a degree of confidence amongst the European electorate, and send a clear message to those thinking about making their way to Europe. Participants were also clear that this would require a European-wide response reflecting European values, and could not be left to ad hoc policy by individual governments.
The conference did not arrive at a neat set of recommendations, but a summary of the main operational conclusions are included in the conference report.

To read the full report click here.