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China: slowing down or stalling?

Published: Wednesday, 15th July 2015

The Director’s Note following the recent conference, “China: economic growth and political reform”, held at Ditchley Park last month has been published online.

A diverse group was assembled round the table with similarly divergent views on many areas under discussion.  This made for an interesting and often challenging exchange, but was less conducive to arriving at a neat set of conclusions. 
China’s growth was already slowing, as was natural, but to what extent and for how long? If growth did fall below 7%, or even had already, how resilient would the system prove? Only time would tell, perhaps, but there was meanwhile broad agreement that China’s continued success was in everyone’s interests, however uncomfortable some might find that at times. A key question was how far China’s development and rapid growth could continue without the type of political reform which the west tended to take as a prerequisite. There were no clear answer on offer, and differing views, but there was also interest in whether China could in fact evolve a new and effective model of governance (‘responsive authoritarianism’).

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