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A giant in decline?

Published: Thursday, 9th October 2014

The Director's summary following the first conference of the new season, “The global role of the United States”, is now published.

There was general consensus round the table that the US was not in decline, despite widespread perceptions to the contrary, particularly in Asia. Whilst the emerging economies had changed the geopolitical landscape to a much more polycentric reality, America could still not be rivalled economically, militarily or in terms of soft power.
There was nevertheless considerable gloom amongst participants about the state of the world, which seemed to be increasingly unstable and unpredictable.  It was as important as ever for the US to step up and provide the leadership which no other country, or indeed, multilateral organisation was in a position to deliver, albeit in a more consultative form than in the past; a world with an active and outward looking US was safer than one without.

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