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Shale energy: a revolution?

Published: Friday, 13th June 2014

The Director’s Note following the recent Ditchley conference “The shale energy revolution and geopolitics”, held at Ditchley Park on 22-24 May 2014 is now published.

There was broad agreement that the advent of widely available shale gas resources was a hugely significant development, but its consequences were only just beginning to be understood.  From the impact on energy markets, economies, the environment and geopolitics, it was recognised that there would be both winners and losers.  It was also acknowledged that there were risks involved, both real and perceived, in the development of the fracking industry.  If it were to achieve its full potential it would need to invest more time and effort to address these concerns.

This was such a large and complex issue that simple policy recommendations were almost impossible, not least because the choices facing different governments varied enormously and the dynamics of the situation were still changing.  Instead those taking part arrived at a series of indicators with which to follow the extent and speed with which the shale industry was progressing. 

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