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  • Churchill and a grass snake
    Between 1940 and 1942. Standing on the terrace, Churchill watches a grass snake. The tripod on the right is a mount for a defensive anti-aircraft machine gun.
  • Bedroom Four
    Churchill's preferred room, Bedroom Four. The first-floor room has an excellent view of the landscaped grounds and the lake to the north of the Mansion. While still used for guests today, much of the furniture has been moved to other rooms.
  • Visitors' book
    One of many pages of the Ditchley Visitors' Book. This page from November-December 1940 lists among others Winston and Clementine Churchill, Brendan Bracken (as Churchill's Parliamentary Private Secretary) and Anthony Eden (as Foreign Secretary).
  • Churchill and Beneš #3
    Churchill and Czechoslovakian President-in-exile Edvard Beneš enjoy high tea at Ditchley. The surrounding farms, woodland and well-stocked wine cellar meant that Ditchley's level of hospitality was rarely compromised by wartime rationing.
  • Winston and Clementine
    Winston and Clementine Churchill enjoy a bright winter's day at Ditchley.
  • Churchill reviews the guard
    Churchill reviews the guard of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry regiment outside Ditchley's West Wing, where the soldiers were quartered.
  • In the library
    Clementine Churchill and Viscountess Cranborne in the Library. Viscount Cranborne was the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs 1940-42, and both he and his father, the Marquis of Salisbury, were allies of Churchill and staunch defenders of white-dominated administrations within the Empire.
  • Churchill's First Visit
    Winston Churchill's first visit to Ditchley, June 1937. Top step: Nancy & Ronald Tree; Malcolm Bullock, MP; The Earl of Erne; Anthony Eden, MP. Second step: The Countess of Erne; Viscountess Gage; Beatrice Eden; Priscilla Bullock. Bottom step: Clementine Churchill; Winston Churchill. Back to camera: Viscount Gage.
  • Churchill and Forrestal
    Winston Churchill, followed by James Forrestal, reviews his security detail of men from the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry regiment on the front lawn of Ditchley Park. Forrestal, as Under-Secretary and then Secretary of the United States Navy, was a strong supporter of battle groups built around aircraft carriers, a doctrine which shaped the war in the Pacific, and continues to define American naval strategy.
  • Churchill and Duff Cooper
    Churchill looks over the shoulder of Alfred Duff Cooper, the Minister of Information. Cooper, Churchill's friend and politcal ally, was brought back into the Cabinet after his very public resignation as First Lord of the Admiralty in protest at Chamberlain's policy on Czechoslovakia. He later became the liaison with the Free French forces and was Ambassador to France following the liberation in 1944.
  • Churchill and Beneš review the troops
    Winston Churchill, with Czechoslovakian President-in-exile Edvard Beneš and a considerable entourage, review Czech troops serving with the British forces.
  • Churchill and Beneš #2
    Winston Churchill and Czechoslovakian President-in-exile Edvard Beneš watch Czech troops march past.