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Director's Notes 1998

China and its neighbours
23-25 January 1998

Corruption: progress in counter-strategies
6-8 February 1998

Social justice in national economies: tensions between social priorities and market pressures
20-22 February 1998

The political, social and environmental responsibilities of business
20-22 March 1998

The reduction and management of demand for healthcare
3-5 April 1998

Solutions to unemployment in the age of globalisation
(with the Herbert Quandt Foundation)
24-26 April 1998

The media and the law
15-17 May 1998

The international regulation of cyberspace
29-31 May 1998

The international handling of war crimes and crimes against humanity
19-21 June 1998

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXXV
Delivered by His Excellency Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations
26 June 1998
The development of the European Union
18-20 September 1998

The Sub-Continent: prospects for the 21st century
9-11 October 1998

NATO's eastwards relationships
23-25 October 1998

Governance in the information age
(with the Kennedy School of Government)
6-8 November 1998

The implications of the East Asian economic situation
20-22 November 1998

Preventative diplomacy and conflict resolution
4-6 December 1998