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Past Programme 1989

Urban regeneration
January 1989

The global markets and the service industries: can GATT cope?
February 1989

The single market in western Europe: the approach to 1992 and the economic and political implications for partners outside the community
February 1989

Environmental damage and climatic change
March 1989

Western policies in response to reform and innovation in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Joint conference with the Southern Center for International Studies, Atlanta, Georgia
April 1989

Policy choices for Israel
May 1989

Latin America: problems and prospects
May 1989

Political and economic reform in China
June 1989

The pace and complexity of developments in science: social, economic and environmental implications for policymakers
July 1989

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXVI
Delivered by Mr François Furet
30 June 1989

Agriculture in the developed world: should industrial societies and to ensure the form of decent livelihood, and if so how? Subsidies, surpluses, famine and the environment. Implications for the Third World.
A conference hosted by the Canadian Ditchley Foundation in Ontario, Canada
September 1989

Political and economic refugees: problems of migration, asylum and resettlement
October 1989

Consensus and conflict: does international corporation depend on shared values and moral norms among nations, and can such norms exist?
November 1989

Security at a lower level of armaments: conventional arms control issues confronting the North Atlantic Alliance
November 1989

The German question: divided Germany’s dual relationship to the Soviet Union and to the West
December 1989