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Past Programme 1985

The impact on social and political structures of the increasing part played by women in the workforce
January 1985

Strategic interests, defence and arms control: adjustment of the transatlantic roles
In association with the Woodrow Wilson Center
February 1985

The next four years in East-West relations
March 1985

Issues in the third world : the end of empire, north-south relations, and world stability
In association with the Woodrow Wilson Center, held in Washington DC
March 1985

The provision and financing of social welfare: is the concept of the welfare state still viable today?
March 1985

Finance, trade and development: transatlantic cooperation in dealing with the world’s economic problems
In association with the Woodrow Wilson Center
April 1985

Exchanges in the performing arts between the United States and Britain: can transatlantic cultural relations be left to look after themselves?
May 1985

The United States, Britain and Europe: changed relationships in a changing world
May 1985

The Middle East and the Gulf: a fresh look at western interests and ways of safeguarding them
May 1985

The practical and political implications of ballistic missile defence [star wars] technology
June 1985

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XXII
Delivered by Mr Valery Giscard D'Estaing
12 July 1985

Defense and security in the Pacific region
September 1985

The role and influence of religion and religious organizations in the democratic political process
October 1985

Modern medicine, at what price?
November 1985

Change in southern Africa: how substantial is it, where is it leading, and where should it lead?
December 1985

Do the developed industrial countries need an energy policy to assure adequate future supplies?
December 1985