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Past Programme 1983

The world’s military system and international stability
February 1983

The avoidance of nuclear proliferation
February 1983

European and United States relations with Latin American countries
March 1983

The Atlantic partners: cooperation and diversity
March 1983

Has full employment gone forever?
April 1983

The American Ditchley Foundation Lecture I
Delivered by Lord Home of the Hirsel
18 April 1983

Refugees: sharing the burdens
May 1983

The search for an Arab-Israeli settlement
May 1983

Higher education: problems of access and financing-examination of overseas policy
June 1983

Public opinion and defence: implications for the western alliance
June 1983

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XX
Delivered by Hon Cyrus Vance
15 July 1983

Africa in the world economy
September 1983

The assertion of national identity in eastern Europe: variants of the path to socialism- where do they lead?
October 1983

World wood resources and the problem of deforestation
November 1983

Security and stability in the gulf and southwest Asia
December 1983