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Past Programme 1982

February 1982

The management of development: priorities and prospects
February 1982

The extraterritorial application of national laws regulating business activities II
March 1982

Spain’s developing relationships with the west
March 1982

Violence in contemporary urban society: causes, conditions and cures
May 1982

The search for an Arab-Israeli settlement
June 1982

Northern Ireland
June 1982

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XIX
Delivered by Cardinal Basil Hume
16 July 1982

Sir Reginald Hibbert becomes Director of the Ditchley Foundation
August 1982

Lessons from Japan and the east Asian NICs
September 1982

The Soviet Union: the internal situation and its implications for the west
October 1982

The West’s long-term trade policy requirements
November 1982

December 1982

Private giving in the light of changes in economic and government policies
December 1982