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Past Programme 1973

Bases of foreign policy
Conference V
January 1973

Education and youth problems
Conference V
February 1973

Applied science, society and public policy
March 1973

Private matters and public issues
April 1973

Custodial treatment of offenders
April 1973

The Pacific and the east Asia
June 1973

Choices for Europe and America: the middle east and the energy situation 1973-85
(sponsored by the Ditchley Foundation, the World Peace Foundation, the Middle-East Institute and the International Institute for Strategic Studies)
June 1973

Education and youth problems
Conference VI
July 1973

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture XII
Delivered by Dr Joseph Luns, GCMG, CH
September 1973

World energy resources and requirements and their effects on international relations
(in association with David Davies Memorial Institute)
October 1973

The social responsibilities of business and labour
November 1973

Agricultural support policies as an international issue
November 1973

National industry and international money in the developed world
(in association with the Royal Institute of International Affairs)
December 1973