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Past Programme 1965

Britain and the United States after the Elections
Conference II for United States Senators and Congressmen
January 1965

British and American policies towards southern and central Africa
March 1965

Principles and policies of educational aid, especially in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean
March 1965

The role of voluntary service in aid programmes
May 1965

The impact of automation and technological change on
trade union interests and policies
May 1965

The social and economic consequences of automation
July 1965

The treatment of the accused between arrest or charge and trial
September 1965

The Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture IV
Delivered by Lord Caccia, GCMG, GCVO
5 November 1965

The future of the English language abroad
November 1965

The United States, British and other Commonwealth policies in the Caribbean area
December 1965