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Supplementary conference reading material

How does aid need to transform to deliver the world we want and need?

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Please note that this is not a recommended reading list produced by the Ditchley Foundation.

Conference participants are invited to recommend pre-conference reading materials relevant to the topic of this conference, and we are happy to post links to the items here for your reference.

Louise James: WEF 18: Accenture: Cash Learning Partnership.  25 January, 2018

Ann Fleming: Could lab-grown fish and meat feed the world - without killing a single animal? The Guardian, 20 September, 2017

F. Roger Ford and Ian Lobo: Digital disruption: development unleashed. Accenture, 2017

Natasha Sunderji, Prat Panda, Elizabeth P. Ferguson: Digital: Transforming Refugee Healthcare. Accenture, 2017

Jorge BolĂ­var: Saving for Learning, micro-savings project, I&C Foundation, 3 October 2017

Eleanor Harrison: Radical Transparency Can Save Philanthropy. GlobalGiving, 15 March 2017

Ken Banks: Mobile technology meets social innovation: reflections on progress and challenges. www.europeanbusinessreview.com, Sep-Oct 2015

Ben Ramalingam and Ken Banks: Innovation for international development: navigating the paths and pitfalls. Nesta, April 2016

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