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Future Programme

An outline sketch of each conference can be found by clicking on the links below.  These are constantly under review and may be updated from time to time. 

Ditchley conference participants occasionally submit background material which may be of interest particularly to fellow participants.  Please click on the relevant link below to read any material that may have been submitted, but note that the content is not endorsed by The Ditchley Foundation.  You may wish to check again closer to the date of the conference as additional material may be added.

The programme is designed to reflect a focus on three specific themes, while allowing space to explore other major international issues. The three themes for the coming period are:

1.    Energy, climate and resources
2.    Finance and trade
3.    Challenges of a digital world

The relevant conferences are tagged accordingly.

Annual Lecture
7 July

The crisis of democracy in Europe and the United States: its causes and what the West must do to resolve it
Conference in New York, in cooperation with the American Ditchley Foundation
September 14-16, Chair: TBC

Modern family: what is it for, what are its prospects and what are the implications for societies and states?
4-6 October, Chair: TBC

Modern deterrence: what does the combination of nuclear, BCW, cyber and AI mean for the evolution of western deterrence against state and non-state actors?
8-10 November, Chair: TBC

China and the West: mutual respect, different values, single economic system. Is it possible?
6-8 December, Chair: TBC


Globally connected cities and their challenge to the nation state [Theme 3]
Date and Chair TBC

[Conferences subject to change]

* The Ditchley Foundation actively seeks financial support from other organisations sympathetic to the Foundation’s aims and objectives.  Any such funding is accepted on the basis that the sponsor or funding institution gains no influence over the direction of the conference programme or individual conferences, though their support will be fully acknowledged in appropriate ways.