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The Ditchley Foundation brings together leading practitioners and experts from around the world to help shape policy on the major international issues of the day. Its unique blend of intellectual rigour, informality and discretion, in a glorious rural setting, promotes new understanding, fresh thinking, and better decision-making.

The Ditchley Foundation was established by Sir David Wills in 1958 to advance international learning and to bring transatlantic and other experts together to discuss international issues. Sir David's original objective was to promote Anglo-American understanding. American and Canadian sister Foundations, set up in 1964 and 1981 respectively, remain our most active partners. Since then Ditchley conferences have broadened to include the concerns and participation of nations all over the globe.

Ditchley's unique quality is derived from the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, one of southern England's finest country houses, and from the warmth and informality of its gatherings. A complex world needs fresh ideas flowing from open minds: this is Ditchley's hallmark.

The various sections on this website describe the history of Ditchley Park and the background to the Foundations and their conferences, and how the mansion and its facilities are available for private hire.

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